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Send Smarter Bulk SMS with Unmatched Delivery

BrandRise opens up powerful campaign options for SMEs and marketing users, without requiring any IT help. Whether it is managing contacts, personalizing bulk SMS, sending local language texts, slicing/scheduling campaigns or attaching images and files.

Include File Attachments in Your SMS Campaigns

Text messages have outperformed email messages for years, in terms of both open rates and response rates. So, we have brought some of the email functionality to text messaging, allowing businesses to really cash in on the phenomenal open rates of text messaging.

Email To SMS Gateway

Use BrandRise Email to SMS gateway to easily receive all your emails instantly to your mobiles as SMS messages. So you don’t have to worry about missing an email due to internet connectivity issues, spam filters or any other reason. Ensure you stay on top of critical email alerts and notifications with BrandRise Email to SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a payment by Invoice?

We're happy to provide invoicing on all our plans. You can transfer your payment using online options like Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking and Online Wallets. After transfering your amount, we email your invoice on the email id you provide to create your BrandRise account. We do not offer monthly invoicing. Other modes acceptable for payment are NEFT/IMPS, cheque, cash, or PayPal. You can immediately start using your account once your payment is processed.

How do ackages work? Do they have a validity?

pricing plans are based on the number of email/sms credits provided to you along with its validity. This means that you are provided X number of email credits in total that you can use in the Y number of days. (depending upon the package you buy) The validity provided for each package is the total number of days within which you can use your email/sms credits in your ccount. If you have more requirements after you have used all your credits, you can contact our Sales team (sales@brandrise.net) and renew your account.

Should I have my own Subscriber Database/List?

Yes. This is very important. BrandRise will provide you a platform with amazing tools at your disposal to send out mass emails/smses to your subscribers and track their performance. You must have a list of your own subscribers in order to use BrandRise. We discourage the use of purchased databases as they hamper your campaign performance and increase risk of spam considerably.

How do I manage my Subscriber Lists?

You can simply upload your list and create a new list naming it according to your requirement. Similarly, while creating multiple lists you can import more subscribers over time. You can check the status of your subscribers within your lists, create custom fields, and monitor the automated subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

What if my email goes into Spam? What can I do?

There are industry standards and best practices relating to subject lines, email content, domain checks, etc. that you can follow to give your emails the best chance of meeting all mail provider and spam filter expectations. We have a Spam Score check tool to help you check your email score while creating it. Also, our very strict Anti-Spam policy does not allow unsolicited commercial email or spam to be sent from our servers.

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